Services for sustainable & responsible investing

Over the years, Ethos has developed a range of services entirely dedicated to socially responsible investment (SRI) and active ownership.

Institutional investors, particularly pension funds, have a fiduciary duty to exercise their shareholder rights. Exercising their voting rights, analysing environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices, engaging in dialogue and, where appropriate, filing resolutions and speaking out at general meetings are all instruments that enable them to exercise these rights and exert a positive influence on the companies of which they are co-owners.

In addition to these services entirely dedicated to SRI and active ownership, the Ethos Foundation also offers training modules on sustainable finance and SRI for members of pension fund boards of trustees, management and investment committees.

Finally, the data collected by Ethos - whether on general meetings, boards of directors, executive remuneration, shareholder engagement initiatives, ESG assessments or companies' carbon footprints - can be consulted on the e-Services electronic platform. This platform also allows the ESG analysis of a portfolio, with statistical evaluations and comparisons with benchmark indices.

All our services:

Proxy voting

Each year, Ethos publishes voting recommendations for more than 200 general meetings in Switzerland and 500 abroad. These analyses include a detailed analysis of each item on the agenda and voting recommendations based on Ethos' guidelines.

Company dialogue

Ethos' engagement programmes are designed to encourage listed companies in Switzerland and abroad to improve their ESG practices. By grouping in pools, shareholders can exert greater influence on the companies of which they are co-owners.

Sustainability Analyses

Ethos offers more than 2'000 ESG analyses and ratings of listed companies and bond issuers, as well as fund and portfolio screenings. Ethos has also developed a positive impact methodology to identify companies with a positive environmental and/or social impact.

Climate analysis & reporting

Ethos' methodology allows to assess the credibility of companies' climate strategies and the climate risks they face. It thus enables institutional investors to measure the alignment of their portfolios with climate objectives and to comply with new transparency and reporting requirements.


The Ethos Foundation offers several training modules on sustainability and socially responsible investment. These courses are primarily aimed at representatives of pension funds (members of foundation boards, management boards and investment committees).